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Viaopus TM provides a comprehensive traffic management services on highways and rural roads from basic works to multi-phased complex traffic schemes in traffic sensitive areas, working to National Highways Sector Scheme 12A/B/D requirement.


We work closely with the relevant local authority to obtain permits, discuss provisional traffic management schemes and then produce detailed drawings for their approval. We also ensure that necessary bodies such as emergency services, statutory utility companies, schools etc. are consulted. The traffic management scheme is set up and works are carried out by our fully qualified operatives with inspections from the local authority representatives.


Viaopus TM particularly recognises the often over-looked, complexities associated with NHSS 12D inner city and urban work where consideration often needs to be given to complex junctions, busy traffic flow and pedestrian movement. Using our expertise, the latest technology and working with stakeholders we will design custom schemes that will ensure the smooth flow of traffic and safe movement of pedestrians.

The Viaopus Group will work closely with clients and the local authority to gain permit and road space approval.  We will ensure consideration is given to particular surroundings such as schools and community areas; liaise with stakeholders including utilities, TFL and emergency services as required. We will then implement, manage, and remove the temporary traffic and pedestrian management to meet the requirements of the contract.


Viaopus TM clients include Civil Contractors, Resurfacing Contractors, Utility Contractors or any client who has an impact on the highway, designing and implementing anything from a simple 2-way temporary traffic signal layout, or complex city schemes.

The Viaopus Group can offer temporary traffic management for high-speed trunk roads throughout London, counties around the M25 all over the UK England.


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